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Frequently asked questions

Got a question about Mahara? Perhaps you will find the answer here. Didn’t find your question? Please contact us via the contact form.
1. Is Mahara only open to Muslim students and alumni?

No. Mahara is an open, inclusive and independent association rooted in Islamic values. Anyone who agrees with our values is welcome to join our network as a full member or board member.

2. I have already graduated, can I become a member of the student circle?

As an alumnus, you cannot become a member of the student circle, but you can become a member of our alumni circle. Check out the benefits of being an alumni member on our website.

3. I want to attend an activity of Mahara but I am not a member. Can I do this?

Public activities are, subject to any contribution, open to all. A membership card is required for access to member activities.

4. I am a working student, should I register as a student or as an alumnus?
In order to be a member of the student circle, you must be a day student. Members of the alumni circle either have an A1 diploma (higher education) or are employed with at least an A2 diploma (secundary school). Working students should therefore register for the alumni circle.
5. I also want to be part of the team. Who should I contact?
Check our vacancies online. In addition, you may always send us a message with your details via the contactform. We will contact you as soon as possible. You can also address one of our team members at events. They will be very happy to help you.