About Mahara

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About Mahara

Mahara is a network organisation of students, alumni and community members.


Mahara aims to unite, inspire and empower people and groups, drawing on its Islamic inspiration and active pluralistic view of society. 


Guided by our core values and inspired by the Islamic faith, we envision a world in which each person can fulfil his or her talents, skills and aspirations and contribute through ethical and competent leadership to a free, inclusive, developed and balanced society.

Our Core Values


Mahara brings students and alumni together under one roof and stimulates the feeling of togetherness.


Mahara is a warm and safe home where everyone can meet each other in an open atmosphere.


Mahara embodies and promotes altruism and servant leadership.


Mahara cherishes the pursuit of perfection and encourages its members to give the best of themselves.


Mahara embraces both the talents and imperfections of man and therefore rejects any form of pride and self-discipline.

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Mahara Network

Khalid El Jafoufi

Khalid El Jafoufi

Founding chairman

Esma Uçan

Esma Uçan

Former Chairwoman & Coordinator Student Circle

Yassin Sourroukh

Yassin Sourroukh

Coordinator Alumni Circle

Wissam El Mesaoudi

Wissam El Mesaoudi

Coordinator Alumni Circle

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Some testimonials from our members

Leila Tahri

Pharmacist-titular and former board member of the student circle
“Mahara has made an important contribution to the development of my identity. I learned to work with a team. I was also able to develop my leadership skills from my role as national study coordinator. I gave study and examination tips to many students from different faculties. We attracted a lot of students from different backgrounds and that was great! Mahara brings students together and is accessible to everyone!”

Yassin Sourroukh

Solution engineer, former board member student circle and current board member alumni circle
“Mahara has a very special value and meaning for me, which I will carry and cherish forever. The unity that brings people together for the common purpose. I have joined Mahara to assist students in their path of growth and to help them move forward to overcome their obstacles. Students must be given every opportunity to excel in their areas of interest and studies, all in their full identity so that they can develop themselves into experts in their field”.

Noora Smits

Teacher and former student board member
“Thanks to the work of Mahara, I realised how valuable a network can be where you meet other students to share stories and knowledge with each other. As a teacher, I would certainly advise my own students to get in touch with Mahara as soon as they start higher education”.

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